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ZEBRA | Surface Continuity in Rhino – Recorded Webinar

EVENT TITLE: Zebra Surface Continuity in Rhino

EVENT TYPE: recorded webinar

LEVEL: basic

GOAL: understanding and managing surface continuity

SOFTWARE: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper

PREREQUISITES: basic experience of 3D modeling 

LANGUAGE: english

LENGTH: 130 minutes approximately 

TUTOR: Arturo Tedeschi


- NURBS representation

- Notion of curvature for curves and surfaces

- Curvature continuity for curves and surfaces: G0 – G3

- Surface continuity in Rhino. Analysis tools: curvature analysis, Zebra, environmental map

- Surface continuity in Rhino: tools, modeling strategies and tips for surface continuity.

- Examples

- Overview of continuity tools in Grasshopper

One of the characteristics of contemporary design is a clear reduction of all visible connections, pursuing the idea of a seamless flow of curves and surfaces. From product design to automotive, from naval design to architecture’s envelope, understanding and managing surface continuity is an essential skill. The online webinar “Zebra” introduces attendees to the notion of surface continuity in Rhino (with a complementary use of Grasshopper). The lesson covers mathematical aspect of curvature continuity, modeling strategies and practical examples. Contents are intended for users with basic knowledge of 3D modeling in Rhino. Registrants will be able to re-watch the webinar anytime. 

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