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Team Arturo Tedeschi - Computational Designer - Maurizio Degni

Partner / Computational Designer

Maurizio Degni (1984), architect and computational designer, is a specialist in the field of energy and environmental analysis related to complex systems with a particular focus on parametric and optimization strategies. He worked for several offices in Italy such as Studio Kami and J.M. Schivo where he collaborated on many international competitions, projects and research activities. With Arturo Tedeschi he designed the NU:S Installation within the Cloister of Bramante (Rome) and he had a main role in the computational design of the NU:S Parametric Shoes (shoe design by Alessio Spinelli) an avant-garde project that matched advanced design techniques and prototyping technologies. Currently he’s involved in a series of workshops and courses in Italy directed by Arturo Tedeschi and focused on parametric design. From 2012 he is a tutors assistant for the AA Rome Visiting School.

Paride Stella Photo.jpeg

Computational Designer

Paride Stella (1994) is an architect and computational designer. He achieved his Master Degree in Architecture at the University Of Chieti/Pescara in 2019 with a thesis aimed to explore the metamorphosis of the design theory in the contemporary digital revolution. In the same year, his research leads to the publication of an academic paper titled “Generative Design for Printable Mass Customization Jewelry Products”. The interest in product design and computational strategies granted him many awards in international competitions and drove him to co-found a startup in the high-end audio industry. The tireless seek of new challenges makes him pursue constant research of novel strategies and approaches.


Computational Designer / External

Pio Lorenzo Cocco (1993), architect and computational designer, in 2017 he gained the Master Degree in Architecture at University of Naples “Federico II” with a final dissertation focused on Computational Design and Form Finding Strategies applied to ancient technologies. During the II Level Master “BIM Manager” at Politecnico di Milano, he acquired the expertise in Building Information Modelling including data-driven design methods. There he wrote a paper in which is discussed the role of Generative Design strategies applied to BIM and Urban Planning. He reached advanced skills in Computational Design, obtained through a deep and constant training process, and established during his several professional experiences as a Computational Designer, BIM Consultant and Authorized Rhino Trainer, characterised by a steady research attitude and a design philosophy oriented towards a digital, mathematical and interdisciplinary approach.

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Computational Designer

Cristian Li Voi (1990) product designer and computational designer, started his career in 2015 at Denis Guidone Design Studio (Milano) as a designer and digital modeler. In the same year he also initiated a collaboration with Nyxo ltd Architecture & Product Design Studio (London). Meanwhile he started a personal research on advanced 3D modeling focused on product design, achieving the qualification of Authorized Rhino Trainer. In 2017 his collaboration with D.A.M.A. and 3D Italy in Milan is culminated in the realisation of a 3D printing dress. In the same year he begins his collaboration with Arturo Tedeschi within the project Transmission by Ross Lovegrove and Alcantara for the Victoria and Albert museum (London). From 2017 he has the role of trainer at L.A.B.A. (Rimini) for the course: Techniques and Digital Modelling.


ARTC (Authorized Rhino Training Center) and publishing.

UI / UX Design and SEO Expert

Digital Design Academy

CAM Evolution

Digital Fabrication Service

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