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Like a producer is to music, a computational expert is to design

To contaminate and be contaminated are the common threads of our work. A good project is a great jam session with people we work with: companies, artists, architects, design teams. A good project is always a group travel. Working jointly forces you to accelerate the learning process and, sometimes, to endure apparently impossible challenges. We aspire to be "music producers" not just "sound engineers".

If you really want to master something, teach It

We evolve through a good balance between practice and research, teaching and learning. Our theoretical direction is guided and oriented by feedback and stimuli coming from clients and real-world challenges and opportunities.

Our mind is powerful, our hands are limited

Algorithmic design is not simply the use of computer to design architecture and objects. Algorithms allow designers to overcome the limitations of traditional CAD software and 3D modelers, reaching a level of complexity which is beyond the human manual ability. Our design is always characterized by the use of digital processes and includes techniques such as Algorithms-Aided Design (AAD), CNC milling, robotic milling, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality.

Seeking beauty through technology

We master digital tools and we are looking for beauty. In our work qualities as functionality, user-friendliness, sustainability and safety are always complemented by a vision where design is capable to trigger an emotional response and inspire the user. In a society based on data and digital technologies, we don’t forget immaterial and not-measurable needs, belonging to the dimension of rituals, imagination, myth. 

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