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Patterns Vibe – Recorded Webinar

EVENT TITLE: Patterns Vibe

EVENT TYPE: recorded webinar

LEVEL: intermediate

GOAL: tridimensional patterns and Kangaroo simulation

SOFTWARE: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Weaverbird, Kangaroo

PREREQUISITES: basic experience in Grasshopper 

LANGUAGE: english

LENGTH: 130 minutes approximately 

TUTOR: Arturo Tedeschi


- Creating a pattern structure  

- Nurbs to Mesh conversion

- Meshes, Subdivision Surfaces, smoothness 

- Image-based patterns, fading patterns

- Introduction to Kangaroo: particle-spring system

- Physics simulation in Grasshopper: membranes and shells

- Creating freeform geometries and details through physics simulation

Patterns Vibe is a webinar intended for students and professionals with basic experience in Rhino and Grasshopper. The course focuses on the aesthetic of guided complexity and will cover topics such as meshes, SubD, tridimensional patterns, fading patterns, particle-spring simulation.

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