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Mastering Data Tree – Recorded Webinar

EVENT TITLE: Mastering Data Tree

EVENT TYPE: recorded webinar

LEVEL: intermediate

GOAL: mastering Grasshopper’s data structure

SOFTWARE: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper

PREREQUISITES: basic experience in Grasshopper

LANGUAGE: english

LENGTH: 130 minutes approximately 

TUTOR: Arturo Tedeschi


- Data Tree logic: understanding items, indices, branches, paths

- Main operations on Data Tree: flatten, graft, flip matrix, partition list, prune tree, entwine, etc

- Techniques for branches’ selection

- Matching data streams

- Example: Herzog & De Meuron Messe Basel facade

- Path Mapper

- Sorting Data

Grasshopper organises data according to a tree structure where every branch and every branch’s content have an index number. Selecting specific items and matching data streams is problematic if you don’t deeply understand how this data-structure works. The recorded webinar covers the logic of Grasshopper’s Data Tree through clear schemes and specific examples.

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