Coding Nature | Fractals and Nature-driven forms – Live Webinar

EVENT TYPE: live webinar
WHEN: March 20th 2021 – 15.30 CET
LENGTH: 180 minutes approximately (including Q&A session) 
WHERE: Clickmeeting  
LEVEL: basic
GOAL: understanding biomimicry, fractals and nature-drive forms
SOFTWARE: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Keyshot, Mandelbulb3D
PREREQUISITES: basic experience of 3D modeling 
TUTORS: Mazen Al-Ali, Arturo Tedeschi 

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The live webinar CODING NATURE will focus on biomimicry in design and architecture, using state-of-the-art algorithmic software to explore the world of complex architecture using fractal mathematics and understanding its implementation using advanced fabrication technologies and robotic-aided manufacturing methods. An inspiration-driven process to understand the basics of Creation in the world around us and employing them to build the artificial environment and conceive a new breed of objects. This entry-level webinar is intended for students and professionals interested in creating complex nature-driven shapes. It will also be an unparalleled induction to Rhino and Grasshopper. This program will consist of an engaging workshop led by an industry-expert, The webinar is built around agenda-driven small project creation that is pursued and made by participants working intensively during and after the event.

The webinar will be an interactive event hosted “live”. The whole event will be recorded and registrants will be able to re-watch the lesson anytime.

Main Topics:

  • Instructor introduction.
  • Coded nature lecture Intro, theory, and examples.
  • Parametric Design Fundamental: concepts and essential skills.
  • What’s an Algorithm
  • Introduction to fractals: Julia sets and L system
  • Workflow: making your fractal expression
  • Rendering and material in a simple environment
  • Q&A session





Mazen Al-Ali is a Jordanian architect, author and multidisciplinary designer based in Amman, Jordan. He is the founding director of RUM Atelier; a design and digital fabrication studio, where he is currently working alongside teaching CAD software, fabrication, technology-aided manufacturing, parametric, and computational design software at many international academic institutions. Additionally, he consults for many design firms, initiatives, and individuals and has helped with establishing many production and fabrication studios locally and internationally such as the MADLAB and IVVO. Mazen has been also working on developing environmental building concepts based on biological structures and natural processes in many projects’ complex façades and elements (E.g. Al Wasel Tower DXB and Olayya metro station RYD). Furthermore, he is also working on research and product development ranging in scale from building elements to wearable’s using different materials. In 2015 he has been appointed as an ambassador at the Architecture Association School of Architecture in London where he is currently teaching as a unit instructor. In 2020 he has been nominated as the architecture personality of the year by the UK based Tamayouz excellence award.

Arturo Tedeschi is an architect and computational design specialist with more than ten years of experience in the avant-garde segment of architecture and industrial design (furniture, automotive, installations, products, footwear). He works as a consultant for leading companies, providing services and training related to algorithmic modeling, complex geometry, digital fabrication and data driven design. He is the author of the books Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper and AAD Algorithms-Aided Design. He taught and was an invited speaker at Architectural Association School (London), Politecnico di Milano, IUAV (Venice), The University of Sydney, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, University of Edinburgh, Universidad Europea (Madrid). His personal work has been featured in international magazines and exhibited worldwide. He has collaborated with major architecture and design firms, including Zaha Hadid Architects and Ross Lovegrove. In 2019 he has been appointed Italian Ambassador for Design at IDD19 by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Other info >


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