Zebra | Surface Continuity in Rhino-Grasshopper – ONLINE WEBINAR

EVENT TITLE: Zebra Surface Continuity in Rhino-Grasshopper
EVENT TYPE: recorded webinar
LEVEL: basic
GOAL: understanding and managing surface continuity
SOFTWARE: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Kangaroo 2
PREREQUISITES: basic experience of 3D modeling in Rhino
LENGTH: 130 minutes approximately 
TUTOR: Arturo Tedeschi 


One of the characteristics of contemporary design is a clear reduction of all visible connections, pursuing the idea of a seamless flow of curves and surfaces. From product design to automotive, from naval design to architecture’s envelope, understanding and managing surface continuity is an essential skill. The online webinar “Zebra” will introduce attendees to the notion of surface continuity in Rhino-Grasshopper. The lesson will cover mathematical aspect of curvature continuity, modeling strategies and practical examples. Contents are intended for users with basic knowledge of 3D modeling in Rhino. The webinar will be a fully interactive event hosted “live” but also available as a recorded video. Registrants will be able to re-watch it anytime. Zebra is part of our Parametric Vibrations webinar series. Tutor: Arturo Tedeschi. Language: English.

INFO: webinar@arturotedeschi.com



Main Topics:

  • – NURBS representation
  • – Notion of curvature for curves and surfaces
  • – Curvature continuity for curves and surfaces: G0 – G3
  • – Surface continuity in Rhino. Analysis tools: curvature analysis, Zebra, environmental map
  • – Surface continuity in Rhino: tools, modeling strategies and tips for surface continuity.
  • – Examples
  • – Overview of continuity tools in Grasshopper






About the tutor:

arturo-tedeschi-designer-2Arturo Tedeschi (born 24 April 1979) is an Italian architect, computational designer and writer. He started his career in 2004, combining professional practice in Italy with a personal research on algorithms-aided design, focusing on relationships between architecture and emerging technologies. In 2010 he published Architettura Parametrica, a technical book on computational design translated into English as Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper. In the same year he worked at Zaha Hadid Architects in London. in 2011 he founds the office A>T starting an intense activity both as a designer and consultant for leading firms and industries (architecture, furniture, fashion, shoes, automotive). Among his projects: NU:S Installation at Chiostro Del Bramante (Roma, 2012), Parametric Shoes (Roma, 2012) a project that pushed the boundaries of 3D printing applied to fashion design, The CloudBridge (2013), Ilabo Shoes with Ross Lovegrove (Milano, 2015), In-Formation with Ross Lovegrove (Koln, 2017), Needle Watch (2017), Transmission at Victoria and Albert Museum with Ross Lovegrove (London, 2017), Fessura wall system (Milano, 2017), Alcantara Corner Lounges for Audi with Lovegrove and Colombo (Milano, 2017), Oyster Chair (Milano, 2018). In 2014 he published AAD Algorithms-Aided Design, the reference book on algorithmic modelling based on the Grasshopper platform. Other info >




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