the AA School Library (London) currently holds a copy of Architettura Parametrica – Introduzione a Grasshopper by Arturo Tedeschi. The Architectural Association (AA) is the oldest independent school and one of the most prestigious and competitive schools of architecture in the world. The AA School Library was founded in 1862.

AA Library wesbsite


Matias del Campo, principal at SPAN Architecture & Design (Vienna), international lecturer and leading protagonist in the contemporary architecture says:

“The book Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper by Arturo Tedeschi has proven an indispensible source of inspiration both for my office as well as the studios which my partner and I teach in various institutions. The book has helped my students to grasp the concept of parametric conditions in order to generate architectural bodies and arrays of continuously changing surface conditions. In the office it has helped to develop manifold of definitions both in the designphase as well as preparing the fabrication of components, thus proving the power of generative modeling. The concepts presented in the book intertwine in a natural fashion with the ecology of computational design methods present in our office and help us to continue further into our explorations, on the edge of contemporary design techniques”.____SPAN wesbsite


Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper by Arturo Tedeschi is a reference for the Digital Culture course at BIArch (Barcelona Institute of Architecture). The Barcelona Institute of Architecture is an international institution set up to further interaction between academic research, specialized practice and the dissemination of contemporary architecture. ____BIArch website


Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper by Arturo Tedeschi is a reference at School of Visual Art and Design – University of Central Florida (UCF). The University of Central Florida is a metropolitan public research university located in Orlando, Florida, United States. The UCF  is the second-largest university in the United States by enrollment. ____UCF website


Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper by Arturo Tedeschi is a recommended reading for the Space and Light in Architecture course at Brno University of Technology. The Brno University of Technology is located in Brno, Czech Republic. Being founded in 1899 and initially offering a single course in civil engineering, it grew to become a major Czech university with over 24,000 students enrolled at 8 faculties and 2 university institutes. ____BUT website


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