“The line is the most boring path between two points”


design by: Arturo Tedeschi, Maurizio Arturo Degni
September 2013

cloudbridge_parametric bridge

“Most of the time, the fastest way to get anywhere is a straight line leading from point A to point B. But as a new conceptual project from Arturo Tedeschi architects shows, that’s not necessarily the most efficient, or most beautiful, way to go about it. Tedeschi’s Cloudbridge links two mountainsides via an ethereal, cloud-like structure. Though bridges are often a visual statement of strength, Cloudbridge’s latticed form and non-linear path creates a super-stable bridge that appears to float between mountains, blending into its natural surroundings. The surreal concept, bolstered by extreme engineering, is a reflection of Tedeschi’s work in general. “Nowadays engineering and architecture are evolving just by improving in small steps the ‘state of art,’ and designers are gradually losing their visionary attitude,” he says. “This is also evident in technology, automotive and product design.” Cloudbridge is meant to push the boundaries and be a playful look at how the trajectory and appearance of a bridge can be altered using parametric design”. (WIRED.com)

video presented at OFF event organized by AIAC within the BIENNALE 2014, Venice (Italy)


“Merging computational techniques with a natural architectural language, ‘cloudbridge’ reflects the site’s existing landscape. Influenced by 60’s avant-garde (Superstudio) and by sou fujimoto’s 2013 serpentine pavilion, the project creates a non-linear path suspended between two points. responding to both the mountain and the sky, a specific algorithm was used to design a cloud-shape grid that balances the asymmetric loads of the footbridge. the overlapping of transparent geometric forms joins the bridge together, offering an experience that helps to promotes a journey rather than just a passing from a to b”. (DESIGNBOOM.com)



cloudbridge_parametric bridge 02

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