We design and fabricate innovative architecture and products supported by Parametric tools and techniques.


Design: Arturo Tedeschi, Maurizio Degni
Fabrication: LegnoCAD srl
Communication: DAMA
Visualization: VM3D
Fuorisalone 2017 Milano, Italy

arturo-tedeschi-fessura-designweek-fuorisalone-dama-legnocad-3The wall-system Fessura merges sculpture and furniture into a unique decorative panel designed for residential and commercial interiors. Fessura creates a tridimensional and dynamic effect using high-end details and materials. Despite the seamless appearance, each component has been strategically designed for a modular and easy assembling.  Altro…


Design: Ross Lovegrove
Computational Design: Arturo Tedeschi, Maurizio Degni, Davide Lombardi
Client: Alcantara
January 2017 – IMM Cologne

For the second year in a row Alcantara celebrates Art and Design at imm Cologne (16>22 January 2017), by introducing a special project in partnership with the worldwide recognized British designer Ross Lovegrove. Lovegrove in partnership with A>T has reinterpreted Alcantara material in a creative way, emphasising its versatility and individuality, with a strong accent on sustainability.  Altro…


Design: Ross Lovegrove
Computational Design: Arturo Tedeschi, Maurizio Degni
Client: United Nude
April 2015

arturotedeschi rosslovegrove unitednude remdkoolhaas reinventingshoes
The Re-Inventing Shoes project by UNITED NUDE is about exploring and pushing the boundaries of this rapidly developing technology by creating shoes with the largest amount of sculptural freedom. A select group of 5 of the worlds leading architects and designers explored and challenged 3D printing technology by designing 3D printed ladies high heels. Altro…


Design: Lorenzo Massimiano, Arturo Tedeschi, Maurizio Degni, Elnaz Ghazi
January 2014

arturo tedeschi_reshape_aleph_fabrication_parametric_

A vase whose shape is generated by the sound of the word that identifies it. For thousands of years humans communicate each other and use to give a name to every object, to recognize and distinguish it from one to another. To define an object we use a code, the language: sounds or conventional symbols that help us in deciphering the world around us. Altro…

Cloudbridge concept

Design: Arturo Tedeschi, Maurizio Arturo Degni
September 2013


“The surreal concept, bolstered by extreme engineering, is a reflection of Tedeschi’s work in general. “Nowadays engineering and architecture are evolving just by improving in small steps the “state of art” and designers are gradually losing their visionary attitude,” he says. “This is also evident in technology, automotive and product design.” Cloudbridge is meant to push the boundaries and be a playful look at how the trajectory and appearance of a bridge can be altered using parametric design” (WIRED). __Altro…

NU:S installation | Cloister of Bramante | Rome

Design: Arturo Tedeschi, Maurizio Arturo Degni
July 2012

NU:S. is an extraordinary and engaging installation, which examines the contamination between Fashion and Architecture and attempts to break the mold of the Roman art scene taking advantage of the important creative contribution of young and talented members of Made in Italy. __Altro…

NU:S Parametric_3D Printed Shoes

Shoe design: Alessio Spinelli
Computational design: Maurizio Arturo Degni, Arturo Tedeschi
July 2012

3D printed shoes

L’ambizione dei designer di ottenere un passaggio diretto dall’idea all’oggetto reale è diventata, oggi, realtà relativamente alla produzione di oggetti di piccola scala. Le recenti tecniche di prototipazione rapida consentono di produrre oggetti di grande complessità. __Altro…

Blossom Table

February 2012

Blossom table represents an example of creative use of subdivision + parametric techniques. __Altro…

Pandora | AL

July 2011

PANDORA | AL is an algorithm able to generate an infinite number of digital models that can be transferred – as STL files – directly to a 3D printer in order to “release” POT objects. __Altro…

Benetton Building | Teheran

April 2009

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