Created through an algorithm, it looks totally designed by humans
Needle Watch – design by Arturo Tedeschi

Milano (Italy) – April 2017

arturo-tedeschi-watchWho said that the output of an algorithm should necessarily be complex and intricate? The Needle Watch explores the possibilities given by the algorithmic-modeling in the field of product design, reaching a sophisticated minimalism which is usually the outcome of a traditional design approach__READ…

Hyper-meritocracy and architecture

Lisbon (Portugal) – July 2016

hypermeritocracy architecture arturo tedeschi algorithms lisbonIn a world where “winners take all”, big companies and archistars represent a small minority of highly competitive players, dominating the architecture industry/business where relevant innovations and technologies can be applied. Conversely, the majority of architects works in a loosely regulated market – often forced in offering low-priced services – also suffering the competition of non-professionals in the field of interior design. Architects should see to computation as a technology leading to a crucial shifts in industry and society and, more radically, one that can change the way they work. __READ…


Politecnico di Milano – Architectural Design Studio 2

Fall semester 2014/15

Arturo Tedeschi Politecnico di Milano Digital Consultant Grasshopper Parametrico

ZERO+ looks at the transformation of dwelling in the city of Milan, in the context of climate change and as a result of the new imperatives of the European Challenge 20/20/20: reducing greenhouse gases by 20%, increasing energy efficiency by 20% and reaching 20% of renewable energy by 2020. The studio challenges students to rethink existing living models by integrating Farming, Energy production and Waste management systems (FEWs) to the house of the 21st century. Critics: Simone Giostra and Roberto Mancini. Digital Consultant: Arturo Tedeschi. __Altro…

AA Rome VS | Form as (Dynamic) Unknown_research

May 2013

AA school arturo tedeschi

The 10-day workshop has been focused on the design of computational kinetic structural systems, which interact with the behavior inherent in the city, environment and population. The aim of the workshop has been to investigate parametric kinetic strategies that transform according to the ever-changing data system.__Altro…

AA Rome VS | Form as Unknown (X)_research

October 2012

The 10 day workshop investigates structural computational design, where students are engaging debate with Roman engineer Sergio Musmeci’s idea of ‘form as unknown’. According to his methodologies the structural form is not a priori, of which you only verify the safety margins, but instead it is deducted from an optimization of its static conditions. __Altro…

Gridshell Research | Form finding experiment

December 2012


The following is a form-finding experiment on a GRIDSHELL made by Kangaroo, a physics plugin for Grasshopper. As main result all the laths have the same lengths. __Altro…

Sergio Musmeci | Basento Bridge

November 2011

The mathematical interaction between force and function led to the formation of the Sergio Musmeci Viaduct. The Basento Viaduct, a bridge built in 1969 in Potenza (Italy), is a continuous surface minimized in its area while maximizing its structural function. __Altro…

AAD  Algorithms-Aided Design

Pubblicato su  ARCHILINE 2/2011

Progettazione parametrica, modellazione algoritmica, design generativo, design associativo sono le parole chiave di un nuovo paradigma in grado di rispondere alla crescente complessità. __Altro…

Tools | strumenti e creatività

Pubblicato su MIXEXPERIENCE TOOLS 1/2010


Indagare il rapporto tra strumenti e creatività può apparire, ad un’analisi superficiale, come agevole percorso di ricerca dagli esiti apparentemente prevedibili. __Altro…


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